Haga Station

Haga Station will be a major new transport interchange on Västlänken (West Link), one of Sweden’s largest, most complex rail projects. It will transform the future development of Gothenburg, taking existing mainline services and connecting them through a new tunnel below the city centre. The project will open in 2026.

There are two large underground tunnels with 250 metre long island platforms, accessed from spacious sub-surface concourses. We have designed the station with clear, elegant and well-organized spaces, illuminated with natural daylight wherever possible. The southern entrance is integrated into a new university building and gives access to important cycle and pedestrian routes. Two northern entrances provide interchange with tram and bus services.

It is situated in a highly sensitive urban context, directly under a historic park, a 19th century church, and the University of Gothenburg’s original library. Our design resolves highly complex urban integration, environmental and construction issues.

Västlänken, Gothenburg, Sweden

Transport Client
Associate Architect
ABAKO Arkitektkontor AB

Design Stages
2012 - 2014
Concept & Scheme Design

World Architecture News Transport Award for Future Projects, First Prize
British Expertise International Awards 2016 for Outstanding International Architecture Project, Shortlisted