Beam Park Station

We were the Transport Architects in the winning team for the Greater London Authority competition for the regeneration of Beam Park in East London. In its assessment, the GLA noted that our “impressive” station design “provides a focal point which will contribute towards place-making” in Patel Taylor’s masterplan.

The geometry of Beam Park Station was planned to enhance the surrounding pedestrian routes and landscape. The North façade is aligned to Station Square, becoming the primary focal point of this important new public space. The East and West sides open the station and the square to the adjacent neighbourhoods. The design has a dynamic form, using simple, high-quality materials to create an attractive, memorable experience for passengers and local residents.

Our design promotes a safe, bright environment for the new transport interchange. The transparency and openness of the station will discourage vandalism and anti-social behaviour. There are no hidden corners and all areas, including the cycle parking will be overlooked by passengers and staff passing through the station.


Countryside Properties
Transport Client
Network Rail
Patel Taylor

Design Stages
2015 - Present
Competition, Concept, Scheme & Detailed Design

Greater London Authority Development Competition, First Prize

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Beam Park View.jpg