Beam Park: Station Square

We were the Transport Architects in the Patel Taylor Masterplanning team that won the Greater London Authority competition for the redevelopment of Beam Park in East London. The US$1.2billion urban development includes some 3000 housing units, shopping, schools and public services. In its assessment, the GLA noted that our “impressive” station design “provides a focal point which will contribute towards place-making” in the masterplan.

Beam Park Station will be at the centre of a new transport interchange. It is designed to facilitate easy transfer with local bus services, as well as providing convenient access for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. The station acts as a landmark at a pivotal point in the masterplan where various axes of street, landscape and movement coalesce.

The new station will become Beam Park’s first significant civic building and will be at the heart of a new public space. Station Square will be an important focal point within the new community. Activity is provided in the form of commercial and community uses, including a GP centre, dentist, pharmacy and food store. The station helps to unify the development by providing a point of convergence, linking landscape and street axes, as well as drawing people into the square.


Countryside Properties
Patel Taylor

Design Stages
2015 - 2017
Competition & Concept Design

Greater London Authority Development Competition, First Prize

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