We provide specialist design and technical support to clients, planners and architects undertaking masterplanning and TOD (transit-oriented development). We design stations, tram stops, bridges and other infrastructure. We have the expertise to coordinate the critical interfaces between transport infrastructure and property schemes.

We have extensive experience in urban integration, a key issue for stakeholder engagement and for obtaining planning approval for transport projects. We design infrastructure that enhances the local context, creating high-quality public spaces that improve connectivity and access to public transport.

Many of our stations and bridges have been designed to facilitate property development or safeguard future planning opportunities, including Shoreditch High Street Station, Haga Station, Dublin Metro North, as well as our work for Hong Kong MTR and KCR.


Client: GLA and Transport for London
Masterplanner & Lead Consultant: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Role: Framework Consultants
2018 ongoing

We are the Transport Architects in the Allford Hall Monaghan Morris team on the GLA’s Architectural Design and Urbanism Panel. The team is on the following frameworks:

Beam Park aerial.jpg
Beam Park: Station Square
4688_Cathedral Bridge_71(Lightworks Photography).jpg
Cathedral Green
Bridge Feasibility & Masterplanning
Masterplanning MRT Circle Line 2.jpg
MRT Circle Line
Consultancy Intro 1 Borough Market.jpg
Thameslink: Borough Market