Singapore LTA System Identity

System Identity Design, Graphics and all Signage infrastructure

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA), the government authority responsible for all land-based transport, set out ambitious plans for a new, world-class, integrated, public transport system. The LTA commissioned Lloyd Northover, a specialist branding consultancy to overhaul the entire graphic system for all modes of transport.

Stephen was Lloyd Northover’s Singapore-based Project Director and led a multi-disciplinary team of architects, graphic and product designers on the design of the LTA's identity, graphics, maps and signs. Work involved a complex implementation process rolled out across a broad range of applications, taking in the overall System Identity, maps and route information, all transport modes and station names, signage and titles.

As well as providing functional information, the programme created a new identity for the authority, unifying the various working parts of the organisation under one recognisable banner. This included developing a unique, bespoke typeface and a new colour palette derived from indigenous flora and fauna. This was supported by a range of stylised visual devices and imagery to help communicate in the multi-lingual context of modern Singapore.

Stephen’s team was responsible from inception through to the production of prototypes. Comprehensive design guidelines were created to guide the design development of all Singapore’s public transport to this day.


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