Interim Chief Architect: Planning

In 2009, Dublin’s Metro North project (now MetroLink) began the planning approval phase. John was appointed by the Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) to perform the role of chief architect, on an interim basis, during the Railway Order process.

Having led JSA’s Metro North team since 2007, John was already well informed about the project as he began preparation for Railway Order with the RPA, legal team & expert witnesses.

He initially oversaw formal publication of station plans and urban design proposals for the general public. He later reviewed the numerous submissions made to the RPA by stakeholders.

The team subsequently engaged with stakeholders to seek design solutions to their concerns. A key part of our work was to find ways of integrating railway infrastructure into sensitive urban contexts. We also reviewed station planning to reduce traffic disruption during construction, a major source of objections from local businesses.

John's role culminated in the public presentation of all architecture & urban design issues at the Oral Hearing.


Railway Client
Railway Procurement Agency, Ireland (TII)

Design Stages
2009 - 2010