A Ramboll Project


The City of Helsingborg is a scenic coastal city, Sweden’s closest point to Denmark and the site of a major transport hub and Ferry crossing.

H+ is the largest urban renewal project in the city for decades and part of these ambitious plans is the development of Oceanpiren, the docklands area in the City Centre. Key to the success of this development is the provision of a new bridge to provide an essential link back to the multi-modal transport interchange.

Our competition winning design is for a distinctive cable supported bridge where an array of supporting cables, cradle the deck between two inclined masts.

The bridge descends from the Transport interchange, across the Ferry approach roads and across the harbour, over 300m in length, to new mixed-use development at dock-side.

The bridge will provide access for pedestrians and cyclists alike along its elevated sinuous path whilst creating cohesive links to new public spaces and recreational facilities planned to revitalise the area.

Helsingborg, Sweden

The City of Helsingborg
Lead Consultant

Design Stages
Concept to Tender

At night the lit masts act as beacons marking the location of the bridge within the vicinity

The bridge is a cohesive link between transport, recreational, office, retail and residential development

Areas to linger and take in the views are incorprated into the bridge at key locations

The curvilinear deck is cradled by a series of high-strength cables that wrap beneath the deck

The bridge touches down lightly to seamlessly integrate with landscaped public spaces