Hale Wharf Footbridges

MOVE, in association with Ramboll, are currently developing a family of three bridges and associated lift and stair structures, which will potentially unlock future development around Tottenham Hale Wharf and improve connectivity in the area, particularly around the watercourses in the Lea Valley.

Rather than set themselves apart, as iconic forms, the bridges are designed to be harmonious with the present and future development of the site while resonating with the industrial heritage of its past.

These bridge proposals for Hale Wharf, linked by their proximity to one another, a common aesthetic of bold complementary forms, and a limited palette of robust materials, are envisaged as simple, utilitarian trussed structures Their horizontal emphasis resonates with the expansive quality of the floodplain.

From a distance, the bridges’ simple, common geometry and bold forms are readily legible whilst at close quarters modern engineering and architectural detailing enrich the user experience.Weathering steel, used in a variety of ways, provides a unified aesthetic that will weather well and offer a richness of surface that will vary with the natural light and weather patterns through the seasons.

Scheduled for completion in 2020, this family of bridges will work together to provide accessibility for all potential users and increase connectivity between the public transport interchange to the west, and the new development and existing riverside and natural environments to the east.


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