Shoreditch High Street Bridge

We worked on a number of elements of the East London Line project, including acoustic panels, bridges and one of the new stations. We assisted the lead engineering consultant during the planning process for Shoreditch High Street Bridge. This new 38-metre long, steel, bowstring arch bridge creates a landmark structure where a new section of the railway crosses Shoreditch High Street. It is an unusual form for a railway bridge and was chosen largely for its appearance, having solid round bar hangers and no bracing between arch ribs above deck level.

Construction of the bridge was an exceptional feat of engineering. The whole structure was assembled in an adjacent goods yard, from where it was manoeuvred into position in one weekend, with the actual lift-and-drop taking place in a single morning. The structure weighed more than 350-tonnes and required the UK’s largest mobile crane to lift it into position. Delivery of the crane to site alone required 38 truck loads, delivered over two days.


Transport Client
Transport for London

Design Stages
2007 - 2008